Business Plans


Starting a business? Have a business but never did a business plan for it and now desire to forecast a realistic future for your business?

Let us help create the vision for your small business. A business plan details current and future goals/strategy, marketing strategies, sales performance, and financial development covering a period of three to five years of your small business.


Basic Business Plan

Detailed and Complete

Business Plan w/

Market Analysis

***Will not include excel

Financial Plan***


Standard Business Plan

Detailed and Complete

Business Plan

with 3-Year Financial Plan (excel)

w/ Market & SWOT



Premium Business Plan

Detailed and Complete

Investor-Ready,  Business Plan

with 5-Year Financial Plan (excel)

w/ Market & SWOT


Content Writing


In need of blogs or articles? Need reviews of your products? Need website content written? We write it, you own it (ghost blogging available as well). 


Basic Content Writing

500-999 words

per blog or article

(Research not included)


Standard Content Writing

1000-1500 words of content

per blog or article

(Includes light research)


Premium Content Writing

1500-2500 words of content

per blog or article

(Includes extensive research

and/or or product trials)

Editorial Service


We charge just US$0.024 per word or US$6.00 per 250-word manuscript page.

If your manuscript includes tables and figures, each one will be counted as having 30 words. Note that formulas are assumed accurate and will not be edited, modified, or changed. Additionally, references follow the normal US$0.0024 per word rate.


If you wish to resubmit your edited manuscript for further revisions, you will pay only US$0.016 per word. Please note that we only charge you this rate for pages actually re-edited. Unaltered pages incur no additional fee.


There is a minimum fee of $15.00 (USD); therefore, if your document is 500 words or less, our invoice to you will reflect this minimum charge.


We are ready to assist you with many of your editorial needs, no matter how large or small your manuscript. (English Only)


***Turnaround times are determined by word count; however, smaller manuscripts can expect a 3 day turnaround. 1 page = 250 words ***

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