Content Writing


 Here are a few reasons for hiring a professional content writer:

πŸ“  You’ll Be More Consistent in Your Content Publishing

πŸ“  A Professional Content Writer Reduces Writing Errors

πŸ“  You’ll Reach Your Audience With Topics They Care About

πŸ“  You Will Free Up Your Schedule

πŸ“  A Professional Content Writer Can Direct Your Content Strategy

πŸ“  You Can Do More Content-wise (Even if You Have an In-House Writer)

πŸ“  More Consistent Content = Better SEO

πŸ“  You See Higher Conversions

πŸ“  You’ll Get a Third-Party Perspective of Your Brand


Hiring a professional content writer can be the best investment you make all year. Look at it as an investment in growing your business! 


800 words or less 

per blog or article

(Research not included)

801-1000 words of content

per blog or article

(Includes light research w/ fee)

1001-1500 words of content

per blog or article

(Includes extensive research

and/or product trials)

Here are some content writing trends that help you increase your business:


1. Result Focused Content

πŸ“  Identify a list post on your blog getting traffic.

πŸ“  Turn them into filterable list posts based on the result your reader is looking to get from that topic.


2. User & Search intent drives Content creation

πŸ“  Create content that caters to each type of search query.

πŸ“  Use search intent as a driver for creating content this helps you what type of content you should be creating.


3. Content gets tailored to voice search & smart devices

πŸ“  You need to understand how consumers conduct voice searches.

πŸ“  You gain more site, it can help your existing content and inform your future content creation initiatives.


4. Focused content to build authority

πŸ“  Creating long-form pillar pages that act as a foundation for your content marketing initiative.

πŸ“  In creating pillar content the idea is to cover a wide breadth of topics that fall under a single umbrella.

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